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Tech 101: Hard Truths About AWS Free Tiers

Cloud providers are one of the best things in data management, and there are many providers you could find in the market. All you need to do is search the lists of reliable providers and do some tests and trials. Also, there are some other things you need to know about some cloud providers, and some of them have opposing sides that are sometimes hard to swallow. 

Cloud providers do not guarantee a hundred percent of positive functionality; sometimes, they have some missing parts that you need to know, so you can heavily evaluate and assess it. It takes time to narrow your choices, but you eventually get off that part. Consider some factors, and you should pay attention to them. Before fully committing to a particular matter, it is best to research its advantages and disadvantages so that you can weigh it heavily. 

Cloud providers like AWS Free Tier are not all about rainbows and butterflies and smooth data management; they also have problems that might give headaches to their customers. Like AWS Free Tiers, there are some hard truths you need to know, not to scare you but to prepare you as a potential user of a particular provider. You must understand that some of these situations might relate to you in the future. 

  1. Not A Long Term Solution

AWS Free tier will always be open for everyone, and anybody can use it. Hence, for its purpose, it might be reliable regarding an extended usage period. It is a short-term solution, especially for those who commit to data management. 

  1. Not Always Free

You will eventually run out of the free limit, which might cost you. If you are the type of an individual who has a large workload capacity, then using an AWS free tier might not work for you as they have some limits that you will be conforming to. So, if you want to avoid crossing its limit, it is best to know about its resources and service platform as it relates to its implemented limitations.

  1. It Might Be Too Complicated

There are concerns and reviews from a particular platform about the provider needing to be more complex. Remember, one of the factors that you should consider when choosing a cloud provider is the ease of use. AWS Free Tier is open to everybody, but it might not be manageable for some. And it might take a lot of your time to figure out without smooth provider navigation.

  1. Mediocre Billing Alert

AWS Free Tier tends to have a mediocre billing alert, which might be alarming to some users. There are some concerns about receiving notifications at a later notice. AWS Free Tier send some billing alert, but they are not the most instantaneous when it comes to it. In addition, it might be a problem for some, especially if a notification comes late. It is best if a cloud provider can give a head to their users and not surprise them with unexpected billings.

  1. Will Eventually Make You Pay For Their Services

One of the hard truths about cloud providers is that they will eventually want their users to move from a no-cost service to paid service. 

In Conclusion, Is AWS Free Tier Still Worth A Try?

If you can still accept that they have some lacking services and functionalities, you could try them. Hence, it would be best for you not to risk it because you are making your personal information, file, and data vulnerable. Free services of a particular cloud provider will not always be a no-cost service, which is the truth. In addition, an excellent cloud provider should be firm and secure regarding their service and purpose. So, stop hesitating and debating, and try to step out to your limits; there are a lot more options for you to seek. 

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