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Reach stacker: what the technique is used for

Increasing efficiency is the basis for the popularity of reach stackers. This equipment is extremely necessary in areas with limited space. Since one of the advantages of the reach stacker is its compact size, the popularity of special equipment is growing. 

All those who wish to improve efficiency of loading works should pay attention to offers for sale. The opportunity to deliver containers to a great height arouses interest and increases the demand for special equipment.

Features of the use of a reach stacker

The purchase of specialized equipment is beneficial. This is due to the fact that the characteristics of the reach stacker allow you to do more work in less time. There are several features that speak in favor of buying the equipment:

  • reach stacker is used to move empty or full containers to different heights;
  • equipment capacity ranges from 10 to 45 tons, and the lifting height is up to 40 feet;
  • the machine requires a minimum amount of space, which allows you to operate comfortably.

The reach stacker is used in ports, terminals and other storage facilities. Depending on the characteristics chosen, the effectiveness of the application is determined. Evaluation of the performance will allow you to analyze the need to purchase and achieve the set goal in the enterprise. 

How to choose a reach stacker

Reach stacker, buy in the marketplace, is evaluated based on a list of characteristics. Manufacturers place a description for easy search of the necessary information. Therefore, there are no problems in determining: 

  • matching the load capacity and the tasks to be performed;
  • the appropriate version of the equipment;
  • efficiency indicators in certain areas.

It is recommended to make a list of requirements for the equipment, and then explore the available options. If you want to make the purchase in minimum time, you should specify the desired location of the seller. You can do this thanks to the filtering system on the site.

Advantages of a reach stacker

A used reach stacker, as well as a new model, can provide the necessary efficiency. Moving containers on the site does not cause inconvenience, because the technique has many advantages. Installation of the reach stacker requires a minimum of space, so the use is appropriate in ports and terminals.

The ability to increase the throughput capacity of sites is evaluated as one of the main advantages. Since the speed of the work is increased, the use of the technique allows you to achieve results in a short period of time and free up space for other containers.


Choosing a modern Hyster reach stacker makes it easier to work in busy areas and increase efficiency. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to compare the requirements for the equipment and the proposed characteristics. This is enough to make the proper decision in favor of the right equipment.

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