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Challenges in Online Teaching & How LMS Can Solve Them

Online teaching has emerged as the boon for the students which has eradicated their dependency and have made them self-dependent in the matter of gathering knowledge and learning. It has brought tools like School ERP that has renovated the traditional education system into a modern one equipped with new technically advanced learning. Lectures, videos, articles, assignments, research work and even open teachers are also available online, if the students want, who not only teach through live classes but at the same time solve any problem related to any subject of the children. Live classes are such a medium of online teaching where students study like any class even without being in any classroom and can ask the teacher whatever they want. Now just like the students, teachers also had to face many challenges when they started to teach online. Firstly, as the Covid-19 pandemic spread, the way teachers taught had to be changed and everything had to be done online, which made the teachers prepare a new plan of action again to teach online. And there was a large group of teachers who were not very familiar with Android phones or the internet and now, they had to do everything online.

It was not necessary that every tutor should have a laptop or desktop, that’s why those who had android phones also, they started teaching from the same. They had to face many difficulties in teaching in thi way, but they did not let the education of the children stop. Today plenty of options are there among which teachers can choose any best app for online teaching. Now it completely depends on the student or teacher that according to their need which app they choose the best app for online teaching. Everyone thinks that it doesn’t take much to study while staying at home, but nobody’s attention has gone towards the hard work of teachers. Along with teaching continuously without getting tired, they also had to take care that no noise around them should disturb the studies in between. With little difficulty balancing between home and teaching profession, teachers had to complete courses and syllabus as well as take examinations of all children online. All this was never so easy if online teaching apps were not available. It helped a lot to the students as well as teachers.

 Even after so much effort, where these teachers should have been respected, some parents refused to pay fees saying that the children’s schools were not open etc., then why are the fees being demanded? Parents have to understand that online teaching is a boon to the students and teachers are leaving no stone unturned in the process of delivering this boon to the students in a proper manner. Now each and every student is aware of online teaching and prefers to use it as it gives them a chance to fulfill their responsibilities towards their personal life as well as studies.

Regarding the matter of so many challenges in online teaching, LMS (Learning Management System) can be a great help. It is a well-organized system through which not only employee training, courses and learners can be managed but one’s learning and work efficiency can also be improved.  A large number of educational institutions implemented LMS and following the same more and more institutions are adopting LMS and the best school ERP software according to their need, and integrating it with their educational management. Opting the best school ERP software aids the teaching-learning process and manages the academic processes on the go. A gathering of students or teachers can work efficiently only if they have deep and proper access to ample amounts of information and data. Virtual classroom and online learning act as supporting factors and as better line of communication for learners as well as tutors when student and tutor both are working in line online learning.

This is basically a technological tool which is created strategically in order to make academic lives of students much better and easier and on the other hand it is user friendly too. This is a technological tool which self-reliant researchers which doesn’t require any kind of training and updates itself according to the time and updated data regarding any subject. These days a lot of fraudulent sites and apps are also there which promise educational support and take costly fees but do not fulfill their commitment but LMS give trustworthy sources to attain knowledge and education. LMS integrates all information in the same place so the learner doesn’t have to wander here and there to search one topic here and another somewhere else, this saves time and money and also relaxes the learner regarding loss of data by any human mistake. This is quite easy as compared to face-to-face learning in the classroom. LMS is such a virtual collaboration of so many facilities in online learning that this collaboration makes learning online a satisfactory and complete experience. LMS cuts out disorientation of learners and teachers too.

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