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Berlin-based Zenjob raised $50M in Series D funding led by Aragon

Zenjob is a company that tries to help students and other professionals to find part-time jobs in different sectors like hospitality, retail, and logistics by creating a link between them and the employers. This company has successfully raised a $50 million Series D round of funding. This Berlin-based company has just raised $30 million in the previous Series C funding.

This company works takes care of associated admin by directly employing temporary workers. Zenjob also promises to pay the employees half of their salaries within 72 hours of a fulfilled shift. This gives them a competitive advantage against traditional agencies. However, employers can hire both short-term and long-term employees through this platform.

Zenjob has not mentioned the name of the companies it works with but has said that they deal with a few of the biggest companies in different industries.

Presently, this company has partnered with more than 2500 companies and is operating in more than 10,000 locations within two European markets. Not only this, but more than 40,000 employees sign up with this company each month to get temporary jobs.

2015 Founded startup has mentioned that Zenjob has linked more than 1 million people to their respective employers across Germany and Netherlands.

The Series D funding has been led by Aragon and other investors like Atlantic Labs, Acton Capital and others. These new funds will be used for expanding business in the UK through product development and new data-based automation functions.

This company is looking forward to expanding in the UK while also expanding its business in Netherlands and Germany through its investment in scaling and new automation features.

Zenjob has already become a massive competitor of companies like Job Today, CornerJob, JonandTalent, and Uber, which has also been trying to expand their market in the same industry through  Work Hub.

In the European Union, the recent regulations for handling fake self-employment platforms and gigs will ultimately increase the demand for platforms like Zenjob. In this case, the management at Zenjob thinks that technology will be the most significant differentiating factor as it will smoothen hiring and managing employees. This company currently operates at 75% of the fully automated process, which will be increased to 95%.

The success of this company lies in their tech process, which allows them to provide fast and quality service to both employers and employees. It provides high fulfilment rates and trustworthy personnel because this company also focuses on providing talent development services to the workers.

However, this company thinks its main success has not yet been reached because most (almost 95%) of people still use offline modes for searching for jobs in places like Germany.

Zenjob’s approach to staffing is 100% digital, yet the company is competing with other big players who opt for traditional staffing. The company focuses on providing additional benefits like fast payments and all-time access for booking jobs.


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