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6 Books That Marketing Specialists Would Love To Read

In the past three years, the popularity of online education has been growing. By 2021, the proportion of students studying online has almost tripled. The growth in demand also implies the emergence of new projects. In connection with this, the EdTech industry is becoming more and more competitive. After a hard-working day, the best time to rest is by playing roulette online. And that is not marketing, that’s a bit of advice! 

The tasks of marketers of online schools or courses include attracting customers, identifying weak points in the sales funnel, increasing conversions, and increasing profits. To successfully promote their product, these specialists need system knowledge.

The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt, Jeff Cox

“The Goal” was first published in 1984. It was translated into many languages. The book brought Eliyahu Goldratt worldwide fame and helped to establish the managerial model “Theory of Constraints”. This theory is based on the search and management of the key limitation of the system. It determines its success and efficiency in general. It also explains how important logic, causality, and sequence of actions are in the work of the organization.

“The Goal” is written in the genre of a business novel in an artistic style, in simple and accessible language. The protagonist manages the plant and tries to bring the company out of the crisis. He turns to a business consultant, with the help of which he develops management principles based on the very limitations of the system. The book provides real-life examples to help you understand how your business works and find the best ways to optimize it.

The book will allow you to understand the bottlenecks in business, correctly form a sales funnel for students – and understand where the marketer is losing customers.

Launch! By Jeff Walker

The author of this book is one of those businessmen who stood at the origins of Internet marketing. When Jeff Walker started teaching the product launch formula, almost no one in the world of online entrepreneurship knew about launches, and the idea of “a million dollars a day” seemed absurd.

In this well-structured book, Walker writes about how to get your business up and running quickly. The author offers the reader a recipe for acceleration, regardless of whether he already has his own business or is just about to start it. Walker created and perfected his formula for achieving high results over the course of 18 years by trial and error. Therefore, as he writes, “Launch!” contains no theory. Everything the author is going to teach readers is based on real results.

This is a step-by-step plan for building an online course marketing funnel. You can take it and do it.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion By Robert Cialdini

The cult popular science book by the American social psychologist Robert Cialdini, the circulation of which exceeded 2.5 million copies. In a publication translated into 30 languages. The author talks about the principles and most effective methods of influence and persuasion. He also examines behavioral patterns and shows how to work with them. Moreover, he teaches you how to dodge manipulation.

“Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” is addressed to everyone who works with people. By the nature of their activity are faced with the need to convince, and influence. There are many examples in the book. Most of them are from the sales industry. Therefore, the principles described by Cialdini are applicable at all stages of the funnels. If used correctly, that can help increase conversions.

The book will allow you to learn about the triggers. Those triggers make people buy. Skillfully placing them in webinars, newsletters, and posts, a marketer will be able to increase sales of courses.

Customers for life By Carl Sewell, Paul Brown

Carl Sewell is a businessman and owner of one of the most famous car dealerships in the United States. Over the years, Sewell has increased the value of his business by 25 times. In his opinion, the secret of such success lies in attracting and retaining customers correctly. The author recommends betting on regular customers since the attitude to one-time sales makes the business unsustainable.

This practical guide tells you how to build a business that customers want to do business with for the long haul. The book helps to understand the organization of the work of the enterprise, marketing, and merchandising. Because in working with people the quality of service, cleanliness of premises, and landscape design are important.

While reading the book, the marketer will have ideas on how to please their customers and cause a wow effect from individual courses, the learning process itself, and selling events.

Selling the Invisible By Harry Beckwith

Harry Beckwith is the founder of Beckwith Advertising and Marketing, a former creative director of one of America’s most respected advertising agencies, and an American Marketing Association Effie Award winner. Worked with four of America’s top 100 service businesses.

In Selling the Invisible, the author explains how to sell a product that cannot be touched. This service marketing book contains examples and strategies for large companies and small businesses. The publishers promise that the publication will be useful to all professionals involved in marketing. Those whose organization produces goods, and those who sell services.

The book will help you look at online education through the eyes of a buyer and understand how to convey the value of the course to him through cases, reviews, a trial period, a guarantee of results, and more.

Hooked by Nir Eyal, Ryan Hoover

In recent years, Nir Eyal has explored the hidden psychological traits of human beings. He is an American journalist who writes for Forbes, TechCrunch, and Psychology Today, and is also an entrepreneur and behavioral designer, They allow some of the world’s leading companies to make their products attractive to the buyer. Its co-author Ryan Hoover is the founder of Product Hunt, a service that gives startups the opportunity to get feedback about their product.

Eyal and Hoover detail a four-step process that will enable you to shape consumer habits. Moreover will help you to make your products indispensable. It means returning customers again and again without aggressive marketing and expensive advertising. The book contains practical recommendations, an overview of working tools, and many examples from the world of high technology.

The book has some cool sales ideas on how to get customers to choose the right marketer. If we shift this to online education, then the purchase of one or another course or a special tariff.

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