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5 Proven Strategies For Sports Betting In 2023

Sports betting is not merely a game of chance. Proper planning plays an integral role when you bet on your favorite sports. You need to understand the core gameplay to predict the player’s move to place a winning bet. Like a sportsperson in the field, you must also hone your punting skills to beat the house edge often. But what is the most profitable sports betting strategy? 

Several factors come into play when you place a real money bet. Check out the expert-recommended best betting strategy for sports of your choice. 

Bankroll management

Many people step into sports wagering with the wrong concept – can I make betting for a living? Drop this idea now! 

You can’t always beat the house edge. No denial at all! Rather, chasing your losses is a road to disaster in sports betting. Ask any experienced bettor, and they won’t agree more. 

You may consider sports betting a passive source of income but can’t entirely depend on it. The results are unpredictable at certain times. 

So set a betting budget and stick to it. An ideal bet limit is 1%-5% of the total deposit in your sportsbook account. Tracking your wins and losses also allows applying the right betting strategy for the next stake. So a novice player should focus on starting with a low betting limit. 

Positive progression theory

Also knowns as the Paroli system, it allows you to increase your stakes by one unit only when you win. In other words, don’t place a bet after a loss to recover your losses. It is a perfect method to earn a small but consistent amount. 

You can apply a positive progression strategy in different ways:

●  Raise your wager two times after winning. But after the third sports betting session, reduce it by one unit.

●  Alternatively, you can reinvest the payout from the last wager by placing multiple bets on a winning team. But there is a risk of losing the whole amount at once with this approach. Thus, it is ideal for high rollers.

●  Stop gambling if you were lucky enough to win three bets in a row. It is less probable to hit the wager more than thrice.

●  Lastly, never increase your base stake if you are willing to punt even after losing the first bet. 

Keep a tab

Punting is more than choosing your favorite sports casually. The core knowledge of gameplay is the foundation of sports gambling. You must follow the game rigorously. So do your research. Moreover, know the players, the teams, and the matches when the sports betting season arrives. 

For instance, the best betting strategy for football is analyzing all previous match data. It helps understand the team’s strengths and weaknesses for the upcoming match or league. Eventually, this data analysis can give you an advantage over the house to bet on the next goal, player, team, and even the game’s outcome. 

Besides, follow a betting trend to gauge how other bettors are wagering in the market. Oddsmakers adjust the lines for any matchup based on betting trends. Understanding the current patterns will allow you to secure the most valuable bet. 

Line shopping

Betting lines on every match, team, or player varies from one oddsmaker to another. So what is the smartest way to bet on high payout lines? 

Browse various online sportsbooks to compare and choose a bookie offering the most competitive odds. Seasoned punters consider it a crucial strategy for success. 

Besides, making an account on offshore betting sites that can be trusted is a good move to switch to the bookie providing the most profitable payout deal. 

Block your emotions

Think beyond wagering on favorites. Only sometimes your favorite tennis player or football will win the trophy. 

If the current odds and prediction indicate the stake on the opponent will be profitable, you have to play strategically following the trend. After all, you are investing in sports betting to make more money. So shut down your emotions when placing real money bets. 

Besides, don’t get excited when winning or depressed after losing the bet. The zero-risk betting strategy is to play rationally. 

Bottom line

Indeed, sports betting is a combination of skills and luck. Players’ performance impacts your sports betting outcome. But playing smart is the safest passage to enjoy the game and earn a few bucks without going bankrupt. 

You can turn the tables in your favor with deep understanding, data analysis, and proper betting strategies. Experience and attention to detail allow you to balance the profit-loss margin while punting. 

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