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10 Game Apps That Pay Real Money

Before the 1990s rolled around, playing games for real money remotely seemed impossible. Yet, as the internet started to develop, online slot games producing cash prizes initially appeared on the first sets of gambling sites, followed by table classics. And once the iPhone got invented, smartphone apps became all the rage. Their birth led to the creation of various forms of mobile software, gaming products included.

Nowadays, dozens of apps feature monetary prizes in the form of gift cards or direct cash transfers. These are available for Android/iOS users, and below, a list of what many believe to be the top ten best picks follows.

Pool Payday

According to many, Pool Payday is the number one for-cash app on the market, facilitating one-on-one live action for profit. Its rewards are redeemable via Apple Pay and PayPal, and its tournaments are playable from thirty-eight US states. Whoever scores the most points to the pocket wins a payday here. 

Bingo Cash

Despite popular belief, bingo is not a game only favored by the elderly. Internet gaming sites have popularized it among younger folk. To win prizes in most options from this genre, one must line up drawn numbers in a pre-defined pattern on a card containing a randomized selection. Bingo Cash is an online skill-based game from Papaya Gaming, initially designed for iPad, though playable on all modern smartphones. It has no distracting ads and features real money tournaments against players within the same skill level. Specialty challenges, daily gifts, bonuses, and surprises are available here.

Online Slots

Slots are the casino industry’s most established gambling choice. That holds for both sides of the sector, offline and online. In the latter, twenty thousand picks are available, implementing virtually every theme imaginable. Most players’ favorite slot games incorporate the Megaways reel-modifying mechanics and those that boast the cluster-pays win-producing system. The jackpots on hand at some slots on online casino apps reach several millions of dollars and are highly competitive with physical machines found at land-based venues.

21 Blitz

21 Blitz is an app that blends Solitaire and blackjack into one game that is perfect for those wishing to enhance their twenty-one gambling skills or pass the time. You win in 21 Blitz by making twenty-ones or stacks of five cards that score points. Like Pool Payday, head-to-head contests and online tournaments against other aspiring card counters are in play here, with this game paying terrific loyalty rewards and cash prizes.

Money Rawr

What is Money Rawr? In short, it is legit software that pays its users to test various mobile games. While some people will debate if this software provides a decent earning potential or not, what is fact is that this is a simple-to-use platform that pays those willing to download and play select games, which leads to mCoins accumulation, which is Money Rawr’s currency. These coins can later get converted to Amazon and Google Play gift cards or PayPal money.

App Flame

App Flame works almost identically to Money Rawr. It rewards players for downloading and playing new games. Some popular ones featured here include King of Avalon, State of Survival, and Harvest Land. Users also accumulate mCoins for this activity and can exchange them at a rate of 4,999 coins for $0.50 in PayPal cash.

Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash is an app created by Papaya Gaming, the developers of Bingo Cash, and other hits in the Cash series, like Bubble Cash. It is currently only available for iOS gamers, and players can earn up to $100 in tournaments on this software, with cash-outs provided through Apple Pay and PayPal.

Solitaire Tour

Here is a Solitaire-inspired pick brought to you by Free Addicting Games. It delivers a version of classic Klondike Solitaire gameplay in a tournament format, where competitors who claim the top spot in leaderboard standings can snag cash wins of up to $200. The graphics of Solitaire Tour are pleasing to the eye, and it offers some unsuspectingly challenging but fun twists.

When most people think of money games, classic board ones don’t usually instantly pop to mind. Thankfully, for fans of these, Grey Square has developed Dominoes Gold, a domino game that users use to compete for prizes. It has fast-paced, addictive gameplay, and whoever gets the highest score before time runs out in a round wins a reward. Players can compete against others, participate in daily tournaments, or play against a computer.


In essence, MoneyWell is another variation of App Flame and Money Rawr. Players choose what game catches their eye, download it, and play it for extended periods. To maximize earnings, they must try out as many games as possible, with Money Well profiting by promoting these titles.

Dominoes Gold

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